Hand Painted Custom Designed "Ceramics" by Brenda Rhoads.

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I am always looking for something that moves

 me, a soft whisper, a light or a color that gets my attention and the flow begins, time disappears as the painting paints me.

Oh Mr. Postman is there a message for me?
Yes! go to MadPlatters@yahoo.com

Oh Mr. Postman is there a message for me?

Yes! go to MadPlatters@yahoo.com

It’s a LOVE Thing!

I Love Summer!

It reminds me of being in Love and all the adventure that goes along with it! xoxo

Self Watering FLower Pots!!

This is a two part self-watering Flower Pot. 
Remove your flowers from the plastic nursery pot and plant them in the top ceramic pot. It has a clay porous bottom that allows water to seep into the top pot as needed. Save your water and save your plant!

I’m glazing self watering flower pots for a Green Festival!

I love my life as an artist.  

I have two amazing sons who make a difference in their world!Trevor is almost complete with his Medical Emergency Training.  Brandon is in his second year of College on his path to becoming an Art Teacher.  

Being a mother gave me many opportunities to learn from my children, they taught me how to let go of the small stuff!  

I would love to have grandchildren and, it is very important to me that they live in a clean environment so I re-cycle and save as much water as I can.

Maybe you like the Blues?

You will get rid of the BLUES when you Eat Cake an Drink Coffee with this Dessert Set!  But what ever you do… DO Not Consume what is in the “EAT ME” and DRINK ME  containers!

Have a fabulous Mad Hatter Tea Party with this Platter : ) !!!!

Italian design Antipasto Daisy Designs for Spring

Layer your favorite antipasto around a bowl of hummus and pita chips.

Matching Bowls and Baking dishes to match are coming soon!

Spring is here!

What do you love about your life?

When ever I ask this question the answers inspire me.  

Here are some of my friends answers; My family, coffee in bed, children laughing, good music, good food, being outside on a sunny day, skate boarding, my husband, my cat, flowers, flowers and more flowers, surfing in So. Cal, snow boarding, chocolate chip cookies, satin gowns, a clean house, my race car, twitter, driving on a county road with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting, sunsets, sunrise, dancing, brooks brothers suits, dining out, luxury hotels, home sweet home, sitting in front of a fire place, sitting by the camp fire, the late show, the early morning weather and traffic report, Channel, lipstick, high-heels, hiking, swimming laps, lap tops, entertaining, Holiday dinners, working out at the gym.

So tell me…What do you love about your life?